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Save up to $10,000 or more as a DIY
or a local contractor will do it for you

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Welcome to Super Epoxy Pool Coatings. Super Epoxy Pool Coating is the premier DIY plaster swimming pool resurfacing company. Our epoxy system will give your old plaster pool a professional finish and extend its life for years to come.

Plaster Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Perhaps your old plaster swimming pool is beginning to show signs of aging. You may be seeing discolorations and noticing an usually rough surface. It is a fact that pool chemicals will slowly eat away you pool’s finish over time. Did you know that a professional pool re-plastering can cost up to $10,000 or more? Super Epoxy Pool Coatings can give you a completely resurfaced swimming pool that will last for decades at a fraction of the cost. Don't pay a national pool contractor to resurface your plaster pool. Resurface your own plaster pool with Super Epoxy!   

Plaster Swimming Pool RestorationPlaster Swimming Pool Restoration

You may have heard about other swimming pool restoration companies on the Internet. There are many material choices for pool restoration. Swimming Pool Paints will chalk and flake and need to be re-applied every few years. Fiberglass is expensive, toxic and very difficult to apply as a DIY. Super Epoxy Pool Coating is the only legitimately guaranteed and warranted DIY solution on the Internet.

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Fiberglass Pool RefinishingFiberglass Pool Refinishing

There have been a number of DIY fiberglass pool resurfacing companies that have popped up on the Internet over the last 5 years. DIY fiberglass pool resurfacing systems have a very high failure rate due to the inherent properties of the Gelcoat needed to finish the job. Super Epoxy Pool Coating provides a solution for fiberglass pool owners that will last the test of time.


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Super Epoxy Pool Coating
is 100% Green
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2. What you need to know about trouble free pools, chat rooms and forums.

3. Why you must have a 2-part penetrating epoxy primer coat.

4. Convert your old vinyl liner pool to a maintence free fiberglass pool.


Plaster Pool Resurfacing Before Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Resurfacing and Refinishing

Befor Super Epoxy Pool Needs Resurfacing Plaster Swimming Pools

Plaster Pool Resurfacing After Super Epoxy Swimming Pool Resurfacing and Refinishing

Super Epoxy Pool Coating Plaster Pool Refinishing Plaster Pool Finish

Our Super Epoxy is used in other industries

  • Solar panels

  • Basement waterproofing

  • Boats

  • Car washes

  • Roofing

  • Showers

  • Concrete walkways

  • Aquariums

  • Under water leaks

  • Fiberglass reinforced structures

  • Under water leaks